Russian girl explores local culture in Yifeng of E. China's Jiangxi

Updated: October 23, 2023 Source: Belt and Road Portal
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In a recent trip, a young girl from Russia had the opportunity to immerse herself in the local culture of Yifeng County, east China's Jiangxi Province. This extraordinary experience unfolded through an invitation from her Chinese friend, Xiong.


Alina, a student at Guangdong University of Finance and Economics, holds a great passion for life and travel. Besides being able to understand the Chinese language, she's also skilled in Chinese Pinyin, which allows her to better connect with the local culture.

Yifeng County boasts a time-honored history, and is home to many historical landmarks and natural wonders. Famous for its local bamboo, Yifeng is hailed as "China's Hometown of Bamboo". The county has received other honorary titles such as "National Civilized City", making it a magnet for tourists across the world.

During her stay in Yifeng, Alina visited a variety of attractions, including Pingxi Village, celebrated for its rose gardens and Luo Wine, as well as Tianbao Ancient Village. She also went to Internet-famous guesthouses, lively evening fireworks, and the bustling Nanping fair.

Alina's trip to Yifeng County extended beyond savoring local cuisine and scenic views, and delved into the enchanting world of traditional Chinese culture. On a short video platform, she shared her unique traveling experiences, expressing sheer delight with this unforgettable journey.

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Editor: Yu Huichen