Shanxi International IoT Industrial Park

Updated: June 13, 2023 Source:
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Shanxi International IoT Industrial Park is one of the projects implemented by the Shanxi Provincial Party Committee and Government. It is an important measure to revitalize the information industry in Shanxi Province based on the advantages of IoT technology and industrial development, and an important carrier for the cluster development of IoT industry in Shanxi Province and the large-scale application of cloud computing technology.

The IoT Industrial Park has built a cloud data center with 5,100 cabinets, using Rockchip National IoT Project's "intelligent massive data center" technology, to establish data centers tailored for the IoT applications in coal mining, environmental protection, energy conservation, logistics, agriculture, smart cities and other fields, as well as industrial enterprises and regulatory industries, providing users with powerful storage, computing, and data mining services, fully enhancing the level of information and modernization in Shanxi Province.

The IoT Industrial Park will introduce internationally renowned scientific research institutes, institutions and technology companies, and work together to improve the level of IoT application, establish a strong IoT research and development base; and introduce various levels of the industrial chain, such as sensing layer, transmission layer, intelligent product and terminal manufacturers and OEM engineering companies, to provide solid hardware foundation for IoT technology applications in various fields of national economy and people's livelihood. The park will provide strong support for the integration of information of various government departments and large enterprises at the national, provincial and city levels.

The park will build integrated services, data services and intelligent cloud product manufacturing for areas such as coal mining safety, environmental protection and energy conservation, public utilities to establish a large-scale cloud computing center, and to build intelligent product production bases and integration and data engineering centers around cloud storage and processing service capabilities, realizing the comprehensive output of products, technologies and services, becoming a true distribution center for cloud computing products, technologies and services.

Editor: Tian Shenyoujia