CIC releases action plan for operational carbon neutrality

Updated: April 11, 2023 Source: CIC
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China Investment Corporation (CIC) has of late released the Action Plan for Operational Carbon Neutrality (hereinafter referred to as the Action Plan). This is a vital measure for the company to implement the goals of carbon peak and carbon neutrality, and act on the top-down design of sustainable investment, following the successive issuance of the Sustainable Investment Policy and the Guidelines on Attaining Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutrality Goals and Practicing Sustainable Investing in the past two years.

The Action Planis formed based on global peer practices and a review of the carbon emissions in CIC’s operations, a pledge supported by company-wide synergy. On top of actions taken by all employeesto reduce carbon emissions, the Action Planwill be supplemented by afforestation for higher carbon sink and strive to achieve the operational carbon neutrality goal as scheduled, promoting the low-carbon transformation of economy and society.

In terms of emission reduction, the Action Planproposes 11 concrete measures against three major sources of emissions, namely purchased electricity, data center and products, and travelling of employees. To reduce power consumption, CIC has forwardly purchased green electricity and green certificates, optimized office space management, and strengthened employees' awareness of green and low-carbon habits in the office. To reduce carbon emissions during the entire life cycle of purchased goods and services, CIC has made unremitting efforts in increasing green procurement, reducing unnecessary printing, and putting forth effort in waste disposal and recycling. To form the habit of low-carbon travel, CIC has taken various measures to encourage employees to be green travelers and commuters.

In terms of carbon offset, the Action Planhas designed a specific scheme for afforestation and sought to form synergies with other social responsibility measures. Over the past few years, CIC has attached great importance and devoted itself to poverty alleviation and rural revitalization. In this Action Plan, the company will strive to combine afforestation with rural revitalization, explore new paths for the development of local green industries, and form a joint force to fulfill corporate social responsibilities.

In the next step, CIC will devote greater effort to scientific reasoning, strengthen capacity building, and strive to reduce the scale and intensity of carbon emissions in its investment portfolio by stage.

Editor: Tian Shenyoujia