China (Shandong) Pilot Free Trade Zone Qingdao Area

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Area overview

The Qingdao Area of China (Shandong) Pilot Free Trade Zone has a planned area of 52 square kilometers, accounting for about 43.3% of the Shandong Pilot Free Trade Zone. It has the largest area among the three areas of Shandong Pilot Free Trade Zone, all of which are located in the West Coast New Area of Qingdao, including Qingdao Qianwan Bonded Port Area, West Coast Comprehensive Bonded Area, Qingdao Economic and Technological Development Zone, and International Economic Cooperation Zone (Sino-German Ecological Park) and other economic functional areas, with a high degree of opening up to the outside world and an active open economy. Qingdao area undertakes 106 reform and innovation pilot tasks, accounting for 94.6% of all pilot tasks in Shandong Pilot Free Trade Zone.

Five functional areas

Innovation center and service center with core competitiveness. Build an efficient and convenient business environment that conforms to international practice, gather technological innovation resources, expand cross-border wealth management, deepen financial opening and innovation, and promote investment and trade facilitation. Focus on the development of industrial intelligent innovation platforms, life sciences, pharmaceutical R&D innovation centers, new energy and new materials innovation centers and other industries.

Advanced manufacturing base. Driven by technological innovation and international cooperation, we will cultivate and foster new growth drivers, build an advanced manufacturing base, and focus on the development of intelligent manufacturing, life and health, new energy and new equipment and other industries.

Marine economic development zone. Amplify the functional advantages of special customs supervision areas, focus on modern marine industries such as high-end marine equipment manufacturing, marine biomedicine, and high-end sea-related service industries, develop international transit, sea-rail combined transportation, cross-border e-commerce, port and shipping finance and other formats, to create a world-class marine port, marine industrial base, marine cooperation platform and international shipping hub.

Modern logistics area. Give full play to the advantages of Qingdao as a main city along the New Eurasian Continental Bridge Economic Corridor of the Belt and Road Initiative and a strategic fulcrum of maritime cooperation, create a comprehensive collection and distribution system with efficient internal and external connections, and improve the port logistics service function, industrial agglomeration function and opening service function, to build a high-end business hub that integrates free trade, financial settlement, shipping logistics, and industries, and realize the transformation and upgrading of traditional logistics to smart logistics.

Sino-foreign local economic cooperation zone. Highlight the location advantages adjacent to Japan and South Korea, innovate the industrial development model, focus on the development of new energy industry, biomedical industry, energy conservation and environmental protection industry, and electronic communication industry, etc., build an international energy conservation and environmental protection industry cooperation pilot zone and a China-Japan-Korea green technology innovation demonstration zone, and focus on the development of new energy industry, biopharmaceutical industry, energy conservation and environmental protection industry, and electronic communication industry, etc.

Investment demand

-- International trade

Give full play to the advantages of the Pilot Free Trade Zone, develop trade settlement headquarters and build a headquarters economic zone integrating trade, logistics and other functions. Strive for a breakthrough in the blending and blending business of bonded fuel oil, and cultivate a new economic growth point for oil product trade. Strengthen the trade sector in the entire industrial chain of crude oil and refined oil, achieve a breakthrough in the pilot policy of non-state trade in crude oil, and promote the upgrading of the oil product industry. Accelerate the agglomeration of crude oil and refined oil trading enterprises. Adhere to the principle of "supporting the big and gathering the small, and cultivating the new and highlighting export", and further develop new trade formats such as cotton, rubber, pulp and other bulk commodity trade, service trade, automobile trade, imported goods, cross-border e-commerce, etc., and enhance the competitiveness of regional foreign trade. Increase the number of pilot enterprises for parallel import of automobiles, and further expand the automobile port financial platform, logistics platform, warehousing platform, and service platform to form a port agglomeration effect.

-- Modern ocean

Establish a market-oriented and enterprise-based marine industry technology innovation strategic alliance that combines production, education and research. Cultivate a group of small and medium-sized marine science and technology enterprises, and give play to their main functions in marine science and technology innovation. Strengthen international cooperation in marine science and technology, build a service platform for sharing marine science and technology resources, and improve the absorption and utilization of marine science and technology resources.

-- Shipping logistics

Based on Qianwan Port and connecting with Dongjiakou Port, cultivate new business forms such as freight forwarding, shipping agency, ship supply, shipping finance, maritime law, shipping information management, etc., attract internationally renowned multinational logistics companies, global shipping organizations, ship management companies, etc. to settle in, enhance the international competitiveness and diversification of the port, and promote the optimization and upgrading of the regional economy and industrial structure. Promote the expansion of the port logistics industry to functions such as supply chain management, bonded delivery warehousing, distribution and consolidation centers, financial leasing, and offshore finance, vigorously promote the international container and import and export container dismantling, consolidation and transfer business, and expand the value-added scale of international logistics.

-- Modern finance

Relying on the policy advantages of bonded functions, strive for new breakthroughs in the financial leasing industry, and take the lead in forming a financial leasing industry cluster in the province. Carry out innovative pilot projects in the fields of funds, insurance, futures, etc., and give play to the financial support role of finance in promoting the replacement of old growth drivers with new ones and promoting industrial transformation and upgrading. Relying on the policy advantages of the bonded function, strive for breakthroughs in the business model and business scale of financial leasing companies, and support qualified financial leasing companies to set up professional subsidiaries in the zone. Encourage the development of innovative pilot projects in the fields of funds, insurance, futures, etc., and give play to the role of finance in promoting the replacement of old growth drivers with new ones and promoting industrial transformation and upgrading. Vigorously attract Chinese banks, foreign banks, joint venture banks, non-banking finance.

-- Advanced manufacturing

Based on the functional policy of bonded and tax exemption, attract advanced manufacturing enterprises which need to coordinate both the international and domestic markets and with large-scale equipment investment. Focus on the development of key integrated circuit equipment and material manufacturing industries, and do a good job in extending, supplementing and strengthening the integrated circuit chain in Qingdao. Efforts will be made to build a biomedical technology industry cluster that integrates pharmaceutical trade logistics, biomedical production and R&D, medical device trade, logistics and financial leasing. Accelerate the cultivation of emerging industries such as high-end equipment manufacturing, new materials, and additive manufacturing technology.

Editor: Li Shimeng