How does Pingtan Make New Progress on the 3rd Anniversary of the International Tourism Island

Updated: August 15, 2019 Source: Belt and Road Portal
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On the evening of 8th, the 87th session of Cadre Lecture and Pingtan International Tourism Island Expert & Think Tank Seminar was held in Pingtan. Themed on "Discussing Pingtan Tourism o Exploring Development Path", experts from Pingtan International Tourism Island think tank made suggestions to explore the direction and development path to build Pingtan International Tourism Island.

Ma Yong, leading talent of the "ten thousand people plan" of the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee and member of China's Tourism Reform Advisory Committee, proposed to re-understand the positioning of Pingtan International Tourism Island based on the theme from Value Deconstruction and Innovation Reconstruction of Pingtan International Tourism Island.

What is value deconstruction and innovation reconstruction? In his view, the five-dimensional value deconstruction includes location value, strategic value, brand value, industrial value and agglomeration value. Innovation and development reconstruction includes planning guidance, brand leader, IP remodeling, industrial reconstruction and cluster promotion. Pingtan needs to analyze its own advantages and find its own positioning around these aspects. "Brand value must have a degree of expansion, so that it can be realized, and the industry must have support." He said.

With incisiveness, he points out the weaknesses in tourism development in Pingtan: Pingtan has a number of "big theme" resources but "small production". If we can start from the brand leader, IP remodeling and other aspects to mobilize the characteristic resources, Pingtan will become a different place. "The strong wind is a feature of Pingtan. How to make full use of it? This is a question worth pondering. He cited such an example.

Liu Feng, president of Overseas Chinese City (OCT) Tourism Investment Management Group Co., Ltd., is also curious about wind in Pingtan. He played a video story entitled Traveling in the Wind in Beigang Village in the seminar: Wang Meizhu, a young Taiwanese dressed in aboriginal costumes playing a guitar, sings emotionally her song about "wind". "This is the story I recorded this afternoon when I made the Traveling in the Wind video. Wang Meizhu told me that, after three years, she made up her mind to stay in Pingtan to design and develop creative products. In her singing, I just found that the wind is so emotional, that the wind is so lovely..." Liu Feng said that wind can be used as the advantage of Pingtan.

Liu Feng is full of expectations for the future of Pingtan International Tourism Island and puts forward his own views. He said: "Pingtan can build six islands: Medical Island, Sports Island, Fashion Island, Food Island, Night Tour Island, and Tax-free Island; and we shall focus on economy to enhance popularity. Through the six aspects of 'night scene', 'night performance', 'night banquet', 'night shopping', 'night entertainment', 'night lodging', Pingtan will welcome a more exciting night.

In the view of Chen Yao, vice chairman of the Marine Tourism Committee of the China Pacific Association, "forming unique attraction and core competitiveness" is the focus of the construction of Pingtan International Tourism Island. He believes that homogenization is a challenge to the unique attraction and core competitiveness, and that distinctive culture is the key to island tourism.

He suggests that distinctive culture should be integrated into island leisure and vacation tourism products to form island tourism projects that combine international and local characteristics. "Pingtan has abundant and diverse cultural resources, such as Keqiutou ancient culture, Shicuo culture, Nandao language culture, etc. We shall extract the unique homeland culture in the island, strive to build a happy homeland from compatriots from both sides of the Strait, and create a world-renowned island for recreation and vacation. "

He also puts forward the concept of Blue Pingtan, Island of Home. He proposed to build a common home across the Strait, tourist home on island, and characteristic home of culture and innovatively develop thematic island homes and lodgings. Characteristic lodgings represent the distinctive resources of each place. We should vigorously promote the Shicuo culture of the island, establish folk-custom villages across Taiwan, build thematic tourist areas centering on residential landscape and residential tourism vacation, develop the maritime Silk Road homeland, concentrate representative residential buildings from the countries concerned, and form the homeland-style folk villages themed on maritime Silk Road, so that we can form a distinctive island-featured homeland for tourism.

"The more local, the more international" is what Yang Jiazhang understands of the go global of international tourism islands. He agreed with what Chen Yao has said, that go global is not simply a copy of foreign models, but how to explore the management model based on what we have learned from the service and quality of foreign tourism industry.

Editor: 曹家宁