Pingtan (Fujian) Promotes Full On-line Office for Enterprises

Updated: August 15, 2019 Source: Belt and Road Portal
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On August 8, the "Full On-line Office for Enterprises" system developed by the Market Supervision and Administration Bureau of Pingtan Comprehensive Pilot Zone of Fujian Province was officially put into operation, which enabled enterprises funded by mainland China to apply business license, engrave official seal, and register social security in an on-line, paperless and visit-free fashion. So far, Pingtan Comprehensive Pilot Zone has become the first area in Fujian Province where full on-line office service is provided for enterprises.

The pilot reform of full on-line office, based on the achievement of One Business License One Social Organization Code reform, effectively solved the problem of ID recognition and inter-department recognition, changed the traditional practice of on-sight handling, delivering paper materials and signing by hand. By scanning face, everything can be done. After admitted by Pingtan Comprehensive Pilot Zone Enterprise Full Online Service Platform, applicants perform long-distance ID authentication through Minzhengtong app, after which various businesses can be dealt with on-line, such as business license application, official seal engraving and social security registration. Relevant document will also be posted back to the applicant. Throughout the whole process, applicant needs to apply on only one platform, apply in only one form and go through only one authentication. No paper and visit will be needed anymore.

The "Full On-line Office" reform is an important measure for Pingtan to deepen the reform of "streamlining governance, innovating regulation and improving service", promote "Internet + approval services", and optimize the business environment, thus effectively solving several major problems in the current business start-up process, for example, the fraudulent use of ID card. By performing remote ID authentication (National Public Security Database + Face& Body Match-up+ Living Body Detection + Video Recording) + Electronic Signature (Chapter) for real-name authentication, the true will of the applicant to start a business can be confirmed. By doing so, an applicant will never become a shareholder against his will. Other problems such as isolated islands of citizen's information, multiple real-name certifications, and inconvenience for enterprises to start business can also be solved. All departments involved in the operation of the enterprise can enquire all kinds of information provided by the enterprise through the online service platform, including but not limited to business license application information, official seal engraving information, bank account opening information, social security registration information, etc., thus realizing the share of information.

Next, Pingtan will continue to work with the district's market supervision bureau, district's administrative examination and approval bureau, district's tax bureau and district's People's Bank to push forward the reform of "full on-line office" for enterprises, expand the scope of reform, further facilitate new enterprises in settling in Pingtan quickly, invigorate market vitality and creativity, and promote the robust development of private economy.

Editor: 曹家宁