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Indonesian Ambassador: BRI is open and inclusive

Updated: August 30, 2019 Source: China Daily
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Djauhari Oratmangun, Indonesian Ambassador to China, recently talked with China Daily about China's development, the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), and people-to-people exchanges.

Having visited China several times before taking office, Oratmangun has witnessed the development of the country first hand. "Chinese people love their country and they want to serve the country," he said.

He was particularly impressed by China's achievements in transportation infrastructure and information technology.

The ambassador spoke highly of the BRI which he believes will benefit the participant countries and even the whole world. It's open and inclusive, aiming at joint development which, Oratmangun said, "will close the gap between developed and developing countries."

The ambassador said Indonesia welcomes the recently adopted Foreign Investment Law, as it promises wider access to the Chinese market to foreign investors. He believes it will boost Indonesian investors' confidence in doing business in China.

The ambassador also mentioned that people-to-people exchanges under the BRI can lay a strong foundation for cooperation in other areas. In the past two years, some 15,000 Indonesian students came to study in China. They will learn Chinese and understand local culture, and the cultural exchange, as well as tourism, will benefit both China and Indonesia.

Editor: 王若寒