Chinese engineers to revamp Ghana's eastern port city rail services

Updated: September 16, 2019 Source: Xinhua News Agency
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A team of engineers from the China Railway Rolling-stock Corporation (CRRC) is in Ghana to help revamp railway services in the eastern port city of Tema.

Their arrival followed the breaking down of the two Diesel Multiple Units (DMU) trains CRRC supplied to the Ghana Railway Corporation in 2009.

"As the world's largest railway transportation equipment provider, we provide strong after-sales support our customers who use our DMUs and other products," a senior manager at the rolling stock business department of CRRC Sun Shaoquin told Xinhua.

He added that the team of engineers from CRRC would spend a few days to diagnose the challenges with the trains and then proffer solutions for them.

Sun commended engineers at the Ghana railways corporation for the able manner in which they maintained the trains over the past 10 years.

He said the Chinese locomotive manufacturers would like to be in Ghana over the long term to help the country develop the industry, adding that the rail travel is one of the most convenient for a developing country like Ghana.

Wang Dianwu, a deputy general manager at the business department of CRRC, said the engineers would expedite action on the repair works to complete the repairs within three months.

"We invited CRRC in to help us revamp the trains since they are the manufacturers, and we have confidence in them to help us to overhaul the systems and put them back to work," Area Mechanical Engineer of the Ghana Railways Company Raymond Benson told Xinhua.

Editor: 王若寒