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Guizhou to make a total investment of RMB 20bn in 5G construction from 2019 to 2022

Updated: September 25, 2019 Source: Belt and Road Portal
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Recently, General Office of Guizhou Provincial People's Government issued a Notice on Acceleration and Facilitation of 5G Construction and Development Throughout the Province (hereinafter referred to as the Notice), which proposed acceleration and facilitation of construction of new type 5G infrastructures, in-depth and integrated uses of 5G scenarios, development of new 5G industries and business forms as well as promotion of the whole province's big data strategy to higher standard, greater depth and forefront of the world.

In terms of development objectives, the Notice has specified that a total investment of RMB 20bn will be made in 5G construction throughout the province, the number of 5G base stations will reach 32,000, and an overall 5G development pattern featured by integration and synergy of network construction, integrated application and industry development will be preliminarily formed from 2019 to 2022.

By 2019, trial commercial use and sited deployment of 5G will be realized in city proper of Guiyang City, and a batch of typical scenario demonstration areas will be set in key industrial parks, tourist attractions, office buildings and large-scale enterprises and groups.

By 2020, uninterrupted 5G network coverage and large-scale commercial use will be achieved in cities and city proper of Guian New Area, integrated application scenarios will be further increased, and industrialization and cluster development of 5G will be realized.

By 2022, coverage and full-scale commercial use in center of counties and above will be realized, new type 5G infrastructures will be preliminarily built, integrated application of 5G and real economy will be achieved in a more extensive and through manner and on a higher level, a fully integrated ecosystem for applications in 5G scenarios will be basically formed, and cluster development of newly empowered 5G industries will be realized in key sectors.

Based on top priorities, the Notice has specified that quality 5G network shall be built, overall planning of 5G network construction shall be strengthened, construction of base stations for typical scenarios of key industries shall be facilitated, building of pilot 5G city of Guiyang shall be accelerated, and full coverage of 5G network shall be promoted. Fully integrated 5G scenario applications shall be built, and "5G + advanced manufacturing", "5G + smart public services", "5G + smart traffic", "5G + smart education", "5G + smart healthcare", "5G + smart tourism", "5G + digital rural areas" along with other integrated applications shall be facilitated. Newly empowered 5G industrial cluster shall be developed, and priorities shall be given to the development of software and information service industry, intelligent terminal, equipment and facility industry, internet industry, ultra-HD video industry and data center industry.

In addition, the Notice has also clarified policy supports that guarantee smooth progress of 5G network construction, safe and effective operation, increase in fund support, strengthening of building of 5G innovation system and greater efforts in talent recruitment and development.

Editor: 曹家宁