Guiyang's new symbol-"China Big Data Valley" attracts global attention to Guiyang

Updated: October 15, 2019 Source: Belt and Road Portal
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According to a report of Guiyang Daily, amid the constant development of big data, blockchain, block data, bitcoin, the core area of National Big Data Comprehensive Pilot Zone and China's first national big data engineering laboratory have come into being in Guiyang. It is hard to imagine that these high-tech things in the frontier of the world have emerged in Guiyang. When the promotional video of Big Data Expo was broadcast on New York's Times Square to show Guiyang's big data achievements and appeal to listed IT companies worldwide, Guizhou amazed the world.

In early 2015, Guiyang and Guian New Area started to build a national big data industry development agglomeration area with the approval of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, marking the establishment of "China Data Valley" in Guiyang. Rising Guiyang known as "China Data Valley" has created many "firsts" in China very soon, such as China's first key laboratory for big data strategy, China's first city with full coverage of free WiFi, China's first public on-block big data platform, China's first government data opening demonstration city and China's first big data exchange. Guiyang has risen to fame because of China Data Valley.

Two years after the 1st Big Data Expo took place in Guiyang in 2015, there were over 1,200 big data enterprises in Guiyang, which achieved primary business revenues of 80 billion yuan, up 21 percent and revenues of 14.5 billion yuan from software and IT services, up 20 percent. Big data enterprises paid taxes of over 11 billion yuan, up 20 percent, and contributed 33 percent to Guiyang's economic growth.

Among these enterprises are enterprises among Fortune Global 500 like Google, Intel, Microsoft, HP and Foxconn, a large number of outstanding big data enterprises in Guiyang such as Huochebang and Longmaster, as well as many startups in Guiyang.

Because of its persistent efforts in big data development, Guiyang made the "Best-Performing Cities China" list released by Milken Institute, a renowned U.S. independent economic think tank for three consecutive years from 2016 to 2018. Being selected as one of "China's Top 10 Cities with the Best Business Environment", and being approved to build the core area of National Big Data Comprehensive Pilot Zone, a big data industry development agglomeration area, a big data technology innovation pilot zone and China's first national big data engineering laboratory are new labels of Guiyang known to the world, as well as important attractions to investors and talents.

According to statistics, with 170,000 big data talents in 2019, Guiyang has initially built a well-structured capable big data talent team to provide talent support for big data development.

According to the Master Plan of Guiyang (2011-2020) (revised in 2017), the big data industry is an important part. The Master Plan notes that the goal of Guiyang's urban development is building a fairly-shared innovative central city, a big data comprehensive innovation pilot zone, a national eco-civilization demonstration city and a higher-level well-off city, and taking the lead in Guizhou to achieve a historic leap.

According to relevant data, Guiyang's GDP was expected to top 380 billion yuan in 2018, ranking first among China's provincial capitals for the sixth consecutive year in terms of economic growth. In 2018, Guiyang's big data enterprises achieved primary business revenues of 100 billion yuan, up 22.4 percent, and the added value of the new economy represented by big data accounted for 21 percent of Guiyang's GDP. As a strong driver of Guiyang's economic and social development, big data has provided strong support for Guiyang to grow fastest among China's provincial capitals for six consecutive years.

Editor: 曹家宁