China-Kenya cooperation key to boost post-COVID-19 business recovery: executives

Updated: July 2, 2020 Source:
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Kenya will leverage on robust economic and trade ties with China to hasten safe reopening of local enterprises after months of shutdown linked to COVID-19 pandemic, executives said on Wednesday.

Jacqueline Mugo, executive director, Federation of Kenya Employers (FKE) said that China's experience in post-COVID-19 economic reopening presents vital lessons to local businesses amid the quest to kick-start their operations.

"Kenya is ready to learn from China and other countries that were initially affected by COVID-19 but are now in the process of reopening their businesses," Mugo said during a virtual briefing whose theme is "considerations on business re-opening, the China and Norway experience" hosted by Kenya's main employer's lobby.

Mugo acknowledged China's contribution to Kenya's anti-COVID-19 fight, adding that knowledge, expertise and technology from the Asian country can be applied locally to enhance smooth resumption of business activities.

"We are focusing on increased cooperation with Chinese enterprises to strengthen responsible business practices beyond COVID-19 season," said Mugo.

"This cooperation between Kenyan and Chinese businesses will enhance the sharing of lessons on workplace safety to ensure employees and clients are protected from contracting the disease," she added.

Michael Niu, division director and associate researcher, International Department of China Enterprise Confederation (CEC) said that Kenyan businesses can apply best practices from their Chinese counterpart to ensure reopening does not compromise the safety of employees and customers.

"The most important lesson for businesses in China or Kenya is that workers' safety is paramount during the reopening. Chinese businesses have prioritized hygiene measures and social distancing to protect employees from coronavirus," said Niu.

Editor: Yu Huichen