Intl students help expat museum visitors explore Chinese culture

Updated: December 30, 2020 Source: China Daily
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Shumaila Shaheen (center) of Pakistan takes a photo with her phone. [Photo provided to China Daily]

Sirinpun Yantarat and her foreign friends work as volunteer commentators at the Liaoning Museum, in order to help expats enjoy the exhibition.

Sirinpun, a student from Thailand, is studying Traditional Chinese Medicine at Liaoning University of TCM. She and her friends help foreign visitors to understand the cultural background of the Exhibition of Eight Masters of Tang and Song Dynasties.

"It is key to Chinese culture but a big challenge for foreigners who have an interest in China. In helping them, I could improve my own understanding, which would be helpful for my study and future career," she explained.

There are 27,700 international students from 166 countries in Liaoning, ranking fifth in China according to the local authority. But most can hardly understand Chinese culture and engage in local life due to cross-cultural barriers.

In order to help international students, the Liaoning Museum works with local universities to provide such a platform.

Martyn Vladimir (right), a Russian student volunteer from Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, explores China's renowned matrix of ancient culture. [Photo provided to China Daily]

"Through this exhibition, I have gained understanding about China's long history and profound culture more deeply and intuitively," said Sirinpun Yantarat. "It seems that I have really gone back to the era of the eight masters of the Tang and Song Dynasties, enjoying their thoughts and spirits."

Shi Yan, chief of the Liaoning University of TCM, said he supports international students to participate in such activities, which will help them integrate knowledge together with culture.

Sirinpun Yantarat also shared pictures with her family and friends in Thailand through social media. Her mother, Wilai Yantarat, expressed her love for Chinese culture.

"My daughter's efforts have helped me learn more about traditional Chinese culture. If it's quite all right, I am looking forward to visiting Liaoning and China and becoming an envoy for cultural exchanges between China and Thailand," said Wilai Yantarat.

Editor: Yu Huichen