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African experts hail China's commitment to global anti-COVID-19 fight

Updated: August 17, 2021 Source: cgtn.com
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African experts hail China's commitment to global anti-COVID-19 fight

China earlier pledged to provide two billion COVID-19 vaccine doses to the world this year and offered $100 million to COVAX – the worldwide initiative aimed at equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines.   

Health experts from Africa praised China's efforts in global vaccine distribution.
"Obviously, we strongly welcome the decision of the Chinese president to provide two billion doses of the vaccine to citizens in different countries of the world, especially African countries and the most deserving," said Doctor Osama Abdel Hay, secretary-general of the Egyptian doctors union.

"We totally appreciate and we fully appreciate this decision. We hope that there are no obstacles to its application as soon as possible to protect people and human beings everywhere," he said.

Doctor Magdy Badran, a member of the Egyptian Society of Allergy and Immunology also expressed gratitude to China for the vaccines.

"We thank the Chinese government for its grant of 100 million dollars to COVAX because it leads to provide vaccines to the most deprived regions, in particular, the poor countries and the countries which need them," Badran said. 

"Chinese vaccines are very important now in the world because it has been proven that side effects are almost non-existent. They are efficient, secure, powerful, inexpensive. They can also be stored in any refrigerator. They don't need a complicated cooling system."

China has provided the world with about 800 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines to help people cope with the pandemic, especially those in developing countries, according to Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Ma Zhaoxu on August 13.

China is fulfilling its commitment to make vaccines a global public good with practical actions, said Ma while briefing foreign diplomats about the origins tracing of the novel coronavirus.

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