Experts, officials discuss building ecological civilization at forum

Updated: October 10, 2021 Source:
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Over 300 scholars and government officials from 14 countries and eight international organizations including the UN attended a forum on global ecological civilization construction in southwest China's Yunnan Province Saturday, according to local authorities.

At the forum themed on jointly building an ecological civilization and protecting the beautiful planet, guests said countries in the world are closely linked and it is essential to together face ecological and environmental problems.

Mankind has a shared future in the face of ecological and environmental challenges, said Guo Weimin, president of China Public Relations Association (CPRA), adding it is necessary to carry out international exchanges and communication, explain the concept, progress and achievements of China's ecological civilization construction, and promote international cooperation.

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) region also faces serious challenges due to rapid deforestation, extinction of wildlife species, and vulnerability to disasters, said Kung Phoak, Deputy Secretary-General of ASEAN for ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community, adding stronger support from key partners, including China, is needed to ensure more sustained efforts to preserve and restore ASEAN's rich natural treasures.

There are four sub-forums at the event, which cover Chinese wisdom of ecological civilization construction, new opportunities for building corporate image and other topics.

The forum was jointly hosted by China International Publishing Group, the people's government of Yunnan Province, and the CPRA. 

Editor: Jiang Feifan