Benefits reaped by China now shared far and wide

Updated: November 17, 2021 Source: China Daily Global
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The vision of a community with a shared future for mankind was affirmed by the sixth plenary session of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, which ended on Thursday in Beijing.

By upholding this global vision, China is providing a conducive way for countries to combat common threats and a feasible path for profound development in international relations.

President Xi Jinping, first proposed the idea in 2013, the same year he embarked on the Belt and Road Initiative, which is bringing the vision to the ground. Since then, as the plenum's communique states, "the concept of a human community with a shared future has become a banner leading trends of the times and human progress".

Today, the world faces many common threats, including health risks, emerging nontraditional security challenges and extreme climate disasters that call for joint efforts and solutions. China is committed to enhancing socioeconomic and cultural cooperation among countries in tackling such challenges.

The world has become multipolar with diverse civilizational patterns.

The Chinese leadership is committed to engaging states in a meaningful dialogue process to resolve their disputes and conflicts. Humanity desperately needs dialogue to maintain peaceful coexistence and survival.

Dialogues of civilization and respect for other cultures, as promoted and practiced by Xi and the CPC, pave the way for nations to integrate, engage in a comprehensive negotiating process and resolve common challenges.

China has been facilitating countries worldwide in many domains. The economy is the key pillar of any state's progress.

This key motivation encouraged China to assist other countries by providing them with significant aid, investment opportunities and projects for sustainable economic development via Belt and Road connections.

As a modern reinvention that emphasizes mutual trust, rejuvenation, quality, inclusiveness, mutual learning and win-win cooperation, the BRI has far-reaching strategic significance with a global impact.

As Xi has emphasized, China is committed to high-quality BRI development with projects for inclusive and sustainable growth of needy nations.

Both the concept of a human community with a shared future and the BRI are perspectives of the CPC with Xi at its core, which remains committed to "maintaining a global vision" as one of the 10 points stated by the communique as valuable practical experience gained over a century of ups and downs.

Over the past century, China has undergone tremendous changes, turning itself from a poor and war-torn country into a dynamic and prosperous one. The CPC has shown great resilience and a unique ability to adapt to changing domestic and global situations.

Everything the CPC has done in revolution, reconstruction and reform is designed to ensure a good life for the people, which now spills over to tangible benefits for those countries and regions engaged in the BRI, as well as others.

Xi himself has inspected many parts of the country, visited poor villagers in remote corners, talked with farmers at their houses, chatted with people at small eateries, supermarkets, factories, hospitals and schools to feel the pulse of people's livelihood and their actual needs.

Following Xi's distinctive leadership style, the CPC has managed constant self-reform and worked out strategic policies for poverty alleviation, anti-corruption and law-based governance reforms that have brought about social transformation unprecedented in scale, thus providing the developing world with valuable experiences for development.

As the ancient civilization heads toward the Chinese dream of national rejuvenation, the CPC persists in enhancing cooperation with major powers as well as other countries and regions, including small ones, as it upholds the belief that wars and confrontation are not the way to resolve differences.

The history of the past century has proved that the CPC has developed a great spirit and carried it forward, upholding truth and ideals, staying true to its founding mission, fighting without fear of danger, and meeting the people's expectations.

The upcoming decades of the 21st century will see China realizing its national rejuvenation and creating more opportunities for the world and for peaceful, healthy and sustainable human development.

The author is executive director of the Center for Global & Strategic Studies in Islamabad, Pakistan. The views do not necessarily reflect those of China Daily.

Editor: Duan Jing