​Chinese liquor maker, Danish chocolate maker jointly launch new liqueur chocolate product

Updated: January 6, 2022 Source: Xinhua Silk Road
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BEIJING, Jan. 5 (Xinhua) -- A liqueur chocolate product made under the partnership of Chinese liquor maker Fenjiu Group and Danish chocolate company Anthon Berg was launched at a product release conference held in Beijing from January 1 to 3.

Photo shows the new liqueur chocolate product jointly launched by Fenjiu Group and Anthon Berg at a product release conference held in Beijing from January 1 to 3.

Fenjiu, known as "the source of Chinese liquor, the ancestor of light-flavor Baijiu, and the root of Chinese liquor culture", has 6,000 years of brewing history, 1,500 years of famous wine history, 1,300 years of distilling history, 300 years of brand history and 100 years of international history. It is the epitome of Chinese liquor culture and the representative of light-flavor liquor.

Light-flavor Baijiu is the most popular type among foreigners. Over the years, Fenjiu has been giving full play to its advantages in the "international flavor", leading the internationalization of Chinese liquor from products and brands to culture and standards.

Photo shows the liquor product produced by Shanxi Xinghuacun Fenjiu Distillery Co., Ltd., a core subsidiary of Fenjiu Group.

Anthon Berg is a fine product favored by European royalty and nobility. It has a history of 125 years, and is the ancestor of liqueur chocolate. Anthon Berg has special liqueur chocolate making crafts, and can directly inject high-concentration spirits into the chocolate, but still maintain the purity and flavor of the spirits.

The new liqueur chocolate product is a cross-industry cooperation between the two brands. The fusion of two different flavors represents the collision of eastern and western cultures and endows Chinese liquor with a new path of internationalization.

The product release conference was held in a Fenjiu-themed pop-up shop, and the site was divided into five areas, including the Fenjiu culture international communication history two-dimensional cartoon interactive area, the new liqueur chocolate product tasting area, the Fenjiu cocktail tasting area, the photo-taking area and the Fenjiu international brand exhibition area.

The whole scene presents a blend of history and modernity, bringing guests a unique visual impact and allowing them to immerse in the cross-border and cross-cultural charm of "Chinese Baijiu" meeting with "Danish chocolate".

Insiders say that the cooperation also conveys the diversified innovation spirit, high-quality positioning and internationalization direction of Fenjiu. It is not simply a cooperation between different fields, but seeking spiritual resonance between different brands to achieve in-depth resonance and develop new boundaries of Baijiu culture.

Editor: Yang Yifan