Reciprocity and friendships along the Belt and Road in the fight against pandemic

Updated: November 5, 2022 Source: China Merchants Group
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China Merchants Group (CMG) has actively provided assistance to Djibouti, Belarus, Italy, Sri Lanka, France, Brazil, Ethiopia and other countries since the pandemic ravaged the world, and contributed to deepening international cooperation in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic and building a global community of health for all, which has been highly acclaimed by relevant countries.

In March 2020, CMG responded quickly to the request of the Djibouti government and donated urgently needed pandemic prevention and control supplies such as virus detectors, PPE protective suits, and visual infrared thermometers worth 280,000 U.S. dollars to Djibouti immediately. Guelleh, President of Djibouti, sent a letter of thanks to CMG for its great contribution to Djibouti's pandemic prevention and control. Diriye, Djibouti's Minister of Health, expressed his gratitude to the Chinese counterparts for their humanitarian support to Djibouti in its difficulty. The supplies donated by CMG will be of tremendous help to Djibouti in its fight against the pandemic. Hadi, Chairman of the Djibouti Ports & Free Zones Authority, said, "In the face of the pandemic, we find that only China is helping Djibouti! Thank you, China!"

CMG donates to Djibouti urgently needed medical supplies worth 280,000 U.S. dollars. (Photo provided by China Merchants Group)

At the beginning of the outbreak in Europe, CMG provided the Belarusian Ministry of Health with urgently needed medical supplies worth 300,000 U.S. dollars, and set up a special emergency support team at its request to provide full assistance in logistics. Given the tight schedule and major changes in export declaration policies, Sinotrans, CMG's logistics operating platform, brought its professional advantages into full play and coordinated with various parties to ensure the delivery of supplies without delay. Snopkov, then Belarusian Ambassador to China, sent a special letter of thanks to CMG for its great support, acclaiming that "our friendship is turned into brotherhood in difficult times".

CMG donates to Belarus urgently needed medical supplies worth 300,000 U.S. dollars. (Photo provided by China Merchants Group)

Upon receiving the request for assistance and provision of pandemic prevention and control supplies from medical institutions in Ravenna, Italy, CMG relied on its supply network previously built for the massive health sector and philanthropic foundations, and delivered 58,000 pieces of anti-pandemic supplies required by Italy within three days. It was a great support for overseas pandemic prevention and control in an efficient and timely manner, and once again demonstrated the "speed of CMG".

In response to the global anti-pandemic action, China Merchants Charity Foundation donated 200,000 U.S. dollars and urgently needed anti-pandemic medical supplies to the Sri Lanka Special Fund to Combat COVID-19 to support the country in strengthening its public health medical system.

China Merchants Group provides Sri Lanka with urgently needed medical supplies. (Photo provided by China Merchants Group)

In the big test brought about by the pandemic, CMG is willing to "pull through together with its friends", and provided aid for overseas countries without any delay. It reflected the group's great resolve to overcome the difficulties and aspirations to assume the responsibility and share weal and woe. "Good friends feel close to each other even when they are far apart." CMG has illustrated the concept of community with a shared future for mankind with its active response and sense of responsibility. It will inject vitality into the international community to further cohere, and bring warmth and confidence to people around the world in fighting the pandemic.

Editor: Yu Huichen