Feature: Chinese artificial flowers, plants grace homes, events in Pakistan

Updated: January 10, 2023 Source: Xinhua News Agency
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Feature: Chinese artificial flowers, plants grace homes, events in Pakistan
Feature: Chinese artificial flowers, plants grace homes, events in Pakistan
Feature: Chinese artificial flowers, plants grace homes, events in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD, Jan. 9 (Xinhua) -- In Pakistan's Rawalpindi city, the China Flower House offers a wide range of lifelike artificial flowers and plants imported from China, enticing everyone entering the shop with their appealing colors, designs and diversity.

"Pakistani people love to decorate their houses, offices, gardens, wedding parties and other events with these beautiful Chinese flowers and plants made from polyester. Literally, no one can tell whether these are real or fake from their shape and texture," Muhammad Abbas, the 40-year-old manager of the decor shop, told Xinhua while sorting a cluster of long-stemmed red and black roses for a customer.

"Besides their alluring appearance, these products are made from high-quality material, are easy to maintain without any hassle, and are cost-effective ... there is no fading of colors, and they look fresh and pretty all the time ... these are the basic features that home and event decorators are in love with," he said.

Abbas said he has been involved in the business for the last 20 years, and never witnessed a decrease in demand and sales of Chinese flowers and plants, adding that Chinese manufacturers' abilities in upgrading the quality and designs to meet the demand of local customers are exceptional.

Talking to Xinhua, 38-year-old Naseem Zadi said she has come to buy flowers for her newly-built house which she wishes to decorate. "If you ask me, I would say these Chinese flowers have replaced the real ones as many people do not have enough time on their busy schedules to take care of real flowers or plants and they look lovely and attractive as well," Zadi said.

With such a large variety, they are available in every shape and size, she said, adding that she is customizing her pots of flowers to fit her tastes and needs.

Assembling different colored blooms at a shop selling Chinese-made flowers in the federal capital Islamabad, Huma Mateen, an event manager and a professional decorator, said one of the most important ingredients of decorative embellishments is flowers.

"Events and parties are incomplete and boring without eye-catching floral arrangements. Though China has been making amazing products of all kinds, these artificial flowers and plants are my most favorite. I hope the Pakistan-China friendship keeps blooming beautifully and splendidly like these flowers," Mateen added.

Mohsin Malik, a Chinese flower trader in Islamabad, said thousands of people in Pakistan are affiliated with the fast-growing business and are making profits.

"Local traders buy at a comparatively low rate from Chinese suppliers and sell them here with a good margin. They are still affordable for customers as artificial flowers and plants of the same quality, imported from other countries, sell at exorbitant rates in the market. They're popular for their reasonable prices, quality and assortments," he told Xinhua.

Editor: Yu Huichen