Qinghai’s Development and Action Plan of Silk Road Cultural Industrial Belt (2018-25)

Updated: January 18, 2018 Source: Xinhua Silk Road Information Service
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Northwest China’s Qinghai Province has recently released a plan to support development of the Silk Road cultural industrial belt from 2018 to 2025.

Under the plan, Qinghai aims at building itself into a high added-value area of harmonious co-existence of multiple ethnic cultures on the Silk Road economic belt, a high added-value area of ecological civilization, and a pioneering demonstration zone of green development, a strategic channel for opening-up of the Silk Road economic belt, and an international people-to-people exchange and cooperation centre.

The plan highlights the “core city-leading, two zones-coordinating, and five belts-radiating”. Specifically, regarding core city-leading strategy, Qinghai will highlight the position of Xi’ning, the capital city of the province, as its political, economic and cultural centre, and spare no effort in building the city’s brand of mixed cultures so that Xi’ning can guide the whole province’s cultural industrial development as a core.

As for two zones-coordinating, the province will actively build the Hehuang Cultural Industry Cluster Zone and the Kunlun Cultural Industry Cultivation & Development Zone and make them an important engine and pillar of the Silk Road Cultural Industrial Belt of the province.

The five belts-radiating refers to radiation in all directions with Xi’ning as the center. The province will develop cultural industrial belts under different themes to extend the culture into neighboring provinces and other places on the Silk Road economic belt, so as to co-enhance the transformation, upgrading and leap-forward of the Silk Road Cultural Industrial Belt.

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