China, Senegal enhance cooperation in medical care under BRI

Updated: January 10, 2019 Source: Xinhua Silk Road Information Service
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Cooperation in medical care has played an important role in boosting China-Senegal bilateral relations, and the two sides will continue to strengthen medical cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative.

China has offered much assistance to Senegal in recent years in forms of building hospitals, sending medical teams and providing gratuitous treatment, helping the country improve its medical level practically.

For instance, a China-aided women and children hospital project started construction recently in Senegal.

So far, medical teams from China have helped cure thousands of Senegalese with cataract since China began to offer gratuitous treatment in ophthalmology in Senegal in 2014. Besides, the medical teams also conducted activities such as ophthalmic health education, related academic exchanges and training, helping Senegalese improve health awareness.

The move was a strong proof for China-Senegal friendship as well as a concrete cooperation in medical care between the two sides, and more fruitful results are expected to be achieved by the two countries in this field with joint efforts being made, said Zhang Xun, the Chinese ambassador to Senegal.

China's central authorities planned to build 100 medical institutions and facilities in Africa within three years under the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative, in a bid to improve medical infrastructure in the continent and meet the medical needs of African people. In the past decade, around 30 hospitals have been built in Africa with the aid of China, providing convenience for millions of African people.

Besides, China has also made great efforts in medical personnel training and cultivation, so as to help enhance Africa's local medical forces.

Editor: 曹家宁