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B&R has been confronted with difficulties?

Updated: April 23, 2019 Source: Belt and Road Portal
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In carrying out the B&R, we uphold market-based operation, market rules and prevailing international norms, and the decisive role of market in resource allocation. Be it a constructor or an observer, one should understand that risks are bound to company any investment and that no investment can guarantee a 100 percent success or a 100 percent profit return. Under the premise of enterprises as the main players and the market-based operation, it couldn’t be more common for a project to run into various problems. It is a typical over-generalization to assert that the B&R has encountered difficulties in the global scope and then blame them on China’s investment or financing cooperation. This is also not in line with the fact and the mainstream, and thus is very irresponsible.

Editor: 刘梦