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Do the B&R projects favour the Chinese enterprises?

Updated: April 23, 2019 Source: Belt and Road Portal
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In carrying out the B&R, we uphold market-based operation, market rules and prevailing international norms, and the decisive role of market in resource allocation. There are countless cases of cooperation between Chinese enterprises and third-country enterprises and on China’s “Two Sessions” this year, the Report on the Work of the Government even gives paramount priority to “expanding cooperation with the third-party markets” as the key of the B&R. China will work together with participating countries and their enterprises to strive to broaden the cooperation scope of the third-party markets, enlarge the investment in the production and operation markets, proactively innovate cooperation patterns, and encourage enterprises to explore new markets through various approaches such as joint bidding and joint investment, so as to achieve complementary advantages and win-win results.

Editor: 刘梦