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Does the B&R plunge the participating countries into a debt crisis?

Updated: April 23, 2019 Source: Belt and Road Portal
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There is no direct connection between the debt crisis and the B&R. Causes of debts are complex and multiple: some can be attributed to the economic fundamentals; some are age-old debts left over from history; and some are caused by changes in international landscape and economic environment. China is a latecomer in the international investment and financing market and has put forward the BRI only five years ago. Therefore, China should not be held accountable for the debt problems. When it comes to investment, economic efficiency also matters to Chinese enterprises, so they have done adequate investigation and demonstration as well as rigorous analysis and even referred to credit rating. China isn’t over-investing but doing what it can. China attaches great importance to the sustainability of debts and will never impose any party in cooperative projects or set up any trap.

Editor: 刘梦