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Guiyang in Hannover Industry Exhibition in Germany, Attracting Investment and Presenting the Big Data Development to the International Community

Updated: April 15, 2019 Source: Belt and Road Portal
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With the aim of speeding up the development of the real economy that focuses on middle-and-high-end consumption and manufacturing and advancing the integrated development of big data with the real economy, from April 1 to 4, the deputy mayor of Guiyang Tang Xinglun led the team to attend Hannover Industry Exhibition in Germany for investment attraction and industrial connection, and held a seminar on investment attraction in Munich. Relevant people in charge of Guiyang Investment Promotion Bureau, Guiyang Industry and Information Technology Bureau, Administrative Committee for Free Trade Zone and Investment Promotion Bureau for Economic and Technological Development Zone attended the conference. 

On Hannover Industry Exhibition site, the deputy mayor and other members attended the 7th Plenary Session of China-Germany Cities Alliance and exchanged views with representatives of the participating cities. After the meeting, they visited the exhibition hall of intelligent manufacturing and new energy enterprises, discussed with entrepreneurs in charge of the exhibition booth to inquire about the situation of the enterprises and products in detail, focused on the knowledge of the development status and trends of hydrogen energy and fuel cell technology in Germany and invited them to invest in Guiyang and attend Big Data Industry Expo 2019. 

Deputy Mayor introduced and recommended, wherever he went, the industrial development, investment environment and supporting policies of Guiyang City to these leading enterprises and associations with resource superiority and industry leadership role such as SRH Aufzüge GmbH, Bremeninvest, Fuel Cell Powertrain GmbH, MBR, HEE. He communicated with the participants on the opening up and international trade of Guiyang to seek for industrial cooperation and invite them to participate in Big Data Industry Expo 2019. 

On the afternoon of April 4th, Guiyang Municipal government held a seminar on investment attraction in Munich, which invited more than 30 enterprises from Germany, Italy and Switzerland, with high-end manufacturing, commerce and trade, cross-border e-commerce and electronic information involved. At the meeting, the deputy mayor unveiled the nameplate for the Guiyang Commercial Representative Office in Germany. The participating enterprises expressed optimism about the development and future market of Guiyang City and Guizhou Province, with the hope of deepening communication and cooperation. 

Editor: 曹家宁