Pingtan Hands in High-score "Examination Paper" in Cross-border E-commerce in H1 of the Year

Updated: July 31, 2019 Source: Belt and Road Portal
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The reporter learned from the Economic Development Bureau of Pingtan Comprehensive Pilot Zone that in the first half of this year, the cross-border e-commerce bonded import value of the pilot zone exceeded 300 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 64%; the export value was more than 420 million yuan; the total number of imported and exported express mails hit 1.67 million, up 0.6% on a year-over-year basis; and the value of goods reached about 450 million yuan, a YoY increase of 154%.

The reason why the cross-border e-commerce industry in Pingtan is developing so rapidly is that the pilot zone, in recent years, has taken solid steps to promote all aspects of the modern logistics trade industry, connect key blocking points, and energize industrial development around 8 areas of "customs clearance, logistics channel, warehousing, supporting measures, management, enterprises, rewards and subsidies, and industry." Data shows that the total import and export of Pingtan last year reached 5.9 billion yuan, an increase of 13.2%.

Pingtan also continues to explore and improve the reward and subsidy policy, expand the scope of reward and subsidy objects, and further simplifies the related process. It has enabled the "fast lane" approval model, improving the efficiency of cashing and increasing the stickiness of enterprises and talents. It is understood that since the Measures of Pengtan Comprehensive Pilot Zone for Cross-border E-Commerce and International Express Industry Rewards and Subsidies (Trial) officially took effect on January 1 last year, the cumulative total of cash rewards and subsides for the whole year of 2018 was about 40 million yuan.

The increase of policies has brought vitality to Pingtan's cross-border e-commerce industry, attracting a large number of upstream and downstream enterprises to settle in Pingtan. There have now been 94 e-commerce companies, 11 logistics companies, 16 payment companies and 9 customs brokers in Pingtan.

During the "618" online shopping festival in China this year, the number of shipments from Pingtan amounted to approximately 650,000, with the value of 59.34 million yuan. The shipping efficiency came out on top in Cainiao Network's national customs clearance efficiency evaluation, making Pingtan be widely recognized by the industry as one of the most promising regions for developing cross-border e-commerce. "The possibility to send goods to consumers in a short period of time is an advantage of Pingtan Port, and is also an important reason for merchants from different platforms to choose Pingtan Port," Chen Shanghui, Deputy Director of the Pingtan Cross-Strait Express Center.

In the next step, Pingtan will speed up the improvement of the logistics industrial layout, and continue to fuel the development of the entire industrial chain of logistics trade in the pilot area. In addition, it will continue to plan for the breakthrough direction and medium- and long-term goals of industrial development, accelerate the solution to the problems the logistics industry faces in terms of development, actively strive for supportive policies for trade formats, push foward the continuous development of Pingtan's cross-border e-commerce industry, and expedite the creation of logistics industry brands that feature "the lowest cost, the most convenient customs clearance, the most punctual delivery, the most complete supporting services and the most favorable policies."

Editor: 曹家宁