Chinese gov't awards scholarships to Brunei students

Chinese Ambassador to Brunei Yu Hong presents scholarship to a Brunei student during a scholarship awarding ceremony in Bandar Seri Begawan, capital of Brunei, Aug. 21, 2019. (Xinhua/Jeffrey Wong)

Seven Brunei students have been awarded Chinese government and Sun Yat-sen University scholarships here.

Since 2006, the Chinese government has provided scholarships to 54 Brunei students.

During the awarding ceremony on Tuesday, one of the student alumni, Dk Syahiirah talked about her study experiences in China, saying her study in China has helped to widen her knowledge.

"Our lecturers in China are very friendly, approachable, helpful and dedicated in teaching and delivering the knowledge to us in the class," Dk Syahiirah said.

"Outside of the class, they are not just our lecturers, but they are also our parents, advisors and motivators as they keep checking on us, ensuring that we are always in good condition and not struggling to live in a foreign country. They are one of the reasons why living in china feels like home."

"Being able to speak and write in Chinese has brought me many lifelong opportunities," another of the student alumni, Dk Nuraffilah said.

Meanwhile, a new scholar, Harith Aliman told Xinhua that he is "very impressed" to see how education in China has improved over the years, adding that the scholarship has allowed him to pursue his dreams to become a software engineer.

Present at the awarding ceremony included Brunei's Education Minister Hamzah Sulaiman, Chinese Ambassador to Brunei Yu Hong as well as other government and academic officials.

Editor: 王若寒
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