China-Laos railway first choice for companies' transportation needs

A worker checks goods to be transported at Ning'er Station, a station along the China-Laos Railway in Ning'er county, Yunnan province, in 2022. [Photo by Zhong Ziwei/for]

"If there were no China-Laos Railway, our company could not have sent out goods over the past few months, and production would have probably been halted," said Ye Guanghua, general manager of Zhonglin Wood Industry Development Co Ltd in Ning'er county, Yunnan province.

The enterprise, specializing in forest cultivation and wood processing, faced severe challenges in road transportation costs that continued to rise due to the skyrocketing oil price.

However, the China-Laos Railway, with a reasonable transport price and relatively stable logistics environment, has become the first choice of the company to deliver wooden shaving boards.

"Nowadays, about 90 percent of our wood products are transported by railway, which further expands the sales range to other provinces," Ye said.

Known to have rich forest resources across Yunnan province, Ning'er county actively promotes the development of modern wood industry, backed by the efficient transportation of China-Laos Railway.

As the COVID-19 pandemic is gradually coming under control in China and cross-border transport resumes, Ye sees the company's future as very bright and plans to get in touch with more clients in Southeast Asia.

Up to now, Ning'er Station has sent out a total of 296,000 tons of cargo, with wood production, such as timber, paper pulp and flake-boards accounting for more than 40 percent of its total transport volume.

Editor: Duan Jing
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