GLOBALink | Bangladeshi girl "little China" dreams to study medical science in China

Source: Xinhua News Agency     Updated: 2022-12-30 15:26:48

DHAKA, Dec. 29 (Xinhua) -- Bangladeshi fifth-grader Alifa is destined to have a special link with China after the girl was born on China's naval hospital ship Peace Ark in 2010.

The 12-year-old, whose full name is Alifa Chin ("China" in Bengali) often called herself "little China."

Alifa's mother Jannatul Ferdous has been working as an office assistant in Bangladesh Navy. In 2010, when the hospital ship Peace Ark of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) came to Bangladesh to provide free medical services to local people, she was eight-month pregnant.

"I was then diagnosed with a serious heart problem," Ferdous told Xinhua recently, adding that at that time local hospital did not have ultra modern medical facilities to deal with a critical pregnant patient like her.

"Then our doctors talked to the doctors of the Chinese hospital ship, then the doctors of Peace Ark said that they could deliver the baby safely," she said.

"Then the doctors of our navy hospital and the doctors of the Chinese hospital ship held a board meeting and performed cesarean delivery. After the operation, both my daughter and I were healthy," Ferdous said.

The Chinese team contributed a lot to this operation by providing good quality treatment, service and care, she added.

"Nurses and doctors were with me for three days. They looked after mother and child very well."

"My parents never thought that I would be born on such a big ship," Alifa told Xinhua.

The thankful parents chose a special way to express their gratitude to the Chinese side on behalf of the whole family.

"We named my baby Alifa and the commanding officer of the Chinese hospital ship named her "Chin" ("China" in Bengali). The baby girl's full name is Alifa Chin," said Ferdous.

Anwar Hossain, Alifa's father, who is a cook, said Alifa China is taking her fifth-grade annual exam.

"I thank the Chinese doctors whose contributions made it possible for her to reach this stage today," he said.

Alifa's story with China does not end as the girl is so impressed by her visit to China.

"China is so beautiful. I have gone there and now I want to go again. I want to mingle with people in China, the people there are very nice. I want to study in China. I want to study and become a doctor in China," she said.

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