Chinese steel producer supplies 60E1 rail for the Belgrade-Budapest railway

Inner Mongolia BaoTou Steel Union Co.,Ltd. (600010.SH), China's major steel producer, has successfully produced its first batch, 600 tonnes 60E1 rail that will be delivered to Europe for the Belgrade-Budapest railway construction.

The steel giant's marketing branch in Beijing sealed the order for 22,635 tonnes 60E1 rail last December for the Belgrade-Budapest railway.


It is noted that this is the first time the rail and beam plant of BaoTou Steel Union produce 50 meters of sizing rails, for which its all-purpose rolling process was applied. The whole process of billet heating, rolling, sawing and sizing, loading and warehousing has been optimized to produce higher-than-user standard product, a source noted.

The Belgrade-Budapest railway, about 350-km-long, is a major project within China's Belt and Road Initiative and is a flagship project within the China-Central and Eastern European countries cooperation platform. 

Editor: Yang Yifan
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