China, Vietnam vow to accelerate capital market cooperation

The China-Vietnam Capital Cooperation Forum was held here on Tuesday, helping accelerate cooperation between the two countries' capital markets and promoting two-way capital flow as well as supporting growth in their small and medium enterprise (SME) sectors.

Participants at the forum, including representatives of Chinese and Vietnamese securities companies, agreed to support China-Vietnam SMEs Growth Roadmap, an action plan to support cooperation in the SME sectors between the two countries.

They also shared a vision to build a China-Vietnam capital market ecosystem in which exchanges, intermediaries, companies and investors on both markets could better leverage the resources to serve capital formation for SMEs.

China's Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE) plans to become a leading capital formation center by offering diversified financial products and necessary capital market infrastructure.

Taking advantage of internet and online video technology, SZSE initiated cross-border capital service mechanism to support capital information by matching projects with potential investors in China. The mechanism has showcased 23 projects from India, Cambodia, Laos and Pakistan.

During the forum, Shenzhen Securities Information Company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the SZSE, and the Ho Chi Minh City branch of Bank of China signed the cross-border financial service cooperation agreement on establishing China-Vietnam cross-border capital service mechanism, providing an economic, efficient, transparent information platform to connect Chinese capital and Vietnamese innovative projects.

Editor: liuyue
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