China to push formulation of cross-border e-commerce international rules for world customs

China's General Administration of Customs (GAC) is taking the lead to formulate the standard framework for the cross-border e-commerce, and on this basis, form the basic principles of the cross-border e-commerce supervision of the World Customs Organization (WCO), according to Zhao Ruxia, head of the Department of International Cooperation of the GAC.

It is expected to be the first guidance document for the cross-border e-commerce supervision and service of the world customs, showing China's leading role in formulating the international rules of the cross-border e-commerce in the customs field, Zhao added.

Meanwhile, the GAC and the WCO will jointly hold the first cross-border e-commerce conference of the world customs in Beijing from February 9 to 10 to discuss innovation practice, new opportunities for e-commerce development under the Belt and Road Initiative, and other issues.

It is reported that opinions about the standard framework for the cross-border e-commerce will be widely solicited at the upcoming conference. 

Editor: liuyue
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