Hong Kong, AIIB sign fund agreement

Acting Chief Executive of Hong Kong Paul Chan, back row, right, and Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank President Jin Liqun, back row, left, witness the signing of the AIIB Project Preparation Special Fund Contribution Agreement. (INFORMATION SERVICES DEPARTMENT, HKSAR)

Acting Chief Executive of Hong Kong, Paul Chan, and Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank President (AIIB) Jin Liqun on Monday witnessed the signing of a contribution agreement for the AIIB project preparation special fund, according to a government press release.

Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury James Lau and AIIB Vice President Joachim von Amsberg represented the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government and the bank respectively to sign the agreement.

Chan and Lau met Jin and the senior management of the bank before the signing ceremony, said the release.

Welcoming the visiting delegation, Chan said Hong Kong, as a member of the AIIB, is pleased to contribute US$10 million to the AIIB Project Preparation Special Fund for supporting low-income countries.

He added that he looked forward to the bank making good use of Hong Kong as a hub to source investment opportunities, prospective investors and financing partners.

Chan also thanked Jin for accepting the invitation to attend the annual Asian Financial Forum which is scheduled to be held in Hong Kong on January 14 and 15.

Editor: 曹家宁
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