China General Technology (Group) Holdings Co ., Ltd

Genertec, founded in 1998 as an important backbone state-owned enterprise directly administered by the central government, is the largest service provider introducing advanced equipment and technology, the largest importer and exporter of light industrial products and medical & health products, the largest distributor and service provider of mobile communication terminal products, and also the important equipment manufacturer, international engineering contractor, pharmaceutical manufacturer and supplier, technical and consulting service provider and construction and land agent.

Genertec is specialized in five sectors, including equipment manufacturing, trade and engineering contracting, pharmaceutical industry, technical services and consultancy as well as construction and real estate. With sound capacity, full credentials and renowned reputation over 50 years, most of the key subsidiaries have played significant role in China’s relevant industries or industry segments and made great contribution to economic construction and social development. At present, with more than 45,000 employees, Genertec has 58 overseas organizations and 32 domestic subsidiaries among which 3 are listed in Shanghai stock market.

Genertec boasts of strong integration service and resource integration capabilities to provide our clients with package solution including marketing, commercial services, financing, key equipment manufacturing, engineering design and construction and technical & consulting services. With its worldwide marketing, sales and logistic networks and integrated operation capabilities, Genertec has formed steady trade and cooperative relations with more than 100 countries and regions. A group of national engineering research centers, key laboratories, inspection and testing institution and state accredited enterprise technical center of Genertec have equipped Genertec with technical innovation capabilities and the most effective patents among central state-owned enterprises. Genertec has formed strategic cooperation with large enterprises and financial institutions at home and abroad. Genertec has specialized, excellent and experienced talent pool and with high-quality assets, Genertec possesses strong investment and financing capabilities.

Since 2007, focusing on the comprehensive implementation of the strategy of transformation and upgrading with the promotion of industry transformation and business mode restructuring as its core, Genertec has realized its leapfrog development with rapid expansion of operation scale, increase of economic returns and optimization of industrial structure. The integration of scientific research, manufacturing and trade has preliminarily taken shape with core competitiveness strengthened. With its revenue of $25.7 billion, Genertec made its debut in Fortune 2014 World’s Top 500, slotting in at the 469th.

Looking into the future, with globalized strategic thinking and opening international vision, Genertec will grasp opportunities, integrate resources, accelerate the transformation of development mode, and continuously better the industrial value chain, endeavoring to realize the new leapfrog in its transformation and upgrading, to build up a scale enterprise group of international competitiveness integrating scientific research, manufacturing and trade.


Editor: Song Lifang