China National Cotton Reserves Corporation

China National Cotton Reserves Corporation (CNCRC in abbreviation) is a wholly state-owned enterprise founded in   March 2003 with the approval of the State Council. CNCRC is assumed with the overall responsibility for the management of    the state cotton reserve. Under the macro regulation and surveillance of the central government, CNCRC is responsible   for its own management decisions, profits and losses. There are 16 branch companies affiliated directly to CNCRC, and more than 160 cotton depots under the corporation surveillance. They are all located in main cotton producing and consumption areas all over China. A well equipped, soundly managed cotton warehousing system with rational layout has been initially established by CNCRC.

The operation guidelines of CNCRC include: abiding by the law; implementing government’s cotton policies; strengthening    management to promote economic profits; ensuring the safe storage and good quality of the state cotton reserve and  efficient distribution in time of need; protecting the state assets; and fulfilling the government’s macro-regulating mission.

In the future, CNCRC will persist in its own development  strategies, i.e. establishing new system, adopting new mechanism, grasping new opportunities and building new       corporate image. Besides, we will try our best to deepen reform, strengthen administration and improve our service. Through these efforts, CNCRC will be an outstanding state-owned enterprise with unity, credit, efficiency and initiative. CNCRC will make great contribution to the development of the national economy and the acceleration of market-oriented transformation of china’s cotton circulation system.

For more than a decade, under the direction and support of  relevant departments of the central government, CNCRC has made painstaking efforts to accomplish all missions upon regulating cotton market highly effectively by making full use of domestic and international markets as well as various resources. The company has made great progress in deepening reform, improving management, extending service scale and strengthening core competitiveness, and has become an enterprise of dominant influence in domestic as well as international cotton industries.

Editor: Li Jing
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