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Peony Forum | Peony international communication forum kicks off in Heze, Shandong

Updated: April 10, 2023 Source: sdchina.com
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The Heze Peony International Communication Forum, hosted by the Publicity Department of the CPC Shandong Provincial Party Committee and China Foreign Languages Publishing Administration, kicked off on April 9 in Heze, E China’s Shandong Province.

Peonies have always been loved by the Chinese people. The graceful peonies and the thousand-year traditional Chinese culture complement each other, forming a unique meaning and charm. They are also an important symbol of the Chinese civilization and a vivid footnote of the cultural exchange and integration between China and foreign countries.

The peony culture is an important part of China's excellent traditional culture, which carries the beautiful symbolic meaning of wealth and prosperity and is highly compatible with the contemporary theme of peace and development in the world.

The Cooperation Base of Innovation on Cultural Communication - International Communication Centre of Peony Culture was unveiled at the event. The forum also launched an initiative on the construction of peony gardens overseas, aiming to build peony gardens, promote economic and trade prosperity and share the fruits of development with the world.

Focusing on the theme of "fostering Chinese cultural identity and telling the story of Heze peony to the world", more than 300 guests from home and abroad gathered in Heze to explore ways to promote Heze peony as a Chinese cultural identity to the world.

Editor: Yu Huichen