China Gezhouba Group Corporation (CGGC) is a joint-stock limited company sponsored and established exclusively by China Gezhouba Water Conservancy and Hydropower Engineering Group Corporation. Listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 1997, it is the first listed company in the hydropower industry in China. In 2007, CGGC completed the overall listing of its main businesses via a share swap and consolidation of controlling shareholders. In 2021, CGGC became an unlisted joint-stock company after it was acquired and merged by China Energy Engineering Corporation Limited (Energy China) via stock swap.

Being China's "national team" in investment and construction of large infrastructure, CGGC is also the country's "global business card" in water conservancy and hydropower construction. To date, CGGC has presented over 5,000 superior projects and set more than 100 world records. CGGC has always insisted on the dual-wheel development driven by both contracting and investment, coordinated development of both domestic and international businesses, transformation and upgrading in industrial manufacturing, and steady development of finance and trade, with a new strategic pattern formed.

  • 1970.12.26

    Chairman Mao Zedong made an important instruction on the construction of Gezhouba Water Conservancy Project, noting that he "agreed and supported to build this dam."

  • 1970.12.30

    Construction of Gezhouba Dam, the first dam on the Yangtze River, commenced.

  • 1974.6.8

    Construction of Gezhouba Dam was managed in a bureau-based model, and the company was officially renamed 330 Engineering Bureau.

  • 1988.7

    The company won the first international contract on the construction of the Beni Haroun Dam Project in Algeria, taking its first step to go global.

  • 1994.6

    China Gezhouba Water Conservancy and Hydropower Engineering Group Corporation, the first group company specialized in construction in China, was established.

  • 1994.12.14

    The Three Gorges Project with CGGC as the main contractor was officially commenced, pushing China's hydropower construction level to the world class.

  • 2006.1.26

    China Gezhouba Group International Engineering Co., Ltd. was formally established, making CGGC one of the first centrally-administered enterprises that realizes professional and organizational development of international business.

  • 2011.9.29

    China Energy Engineering Group was established, with the separation of main businesses and auxiliary services completed. The company became the core enterprise group of Energy China.

  • 2016.4.22

    China Gezhouba Group Overseas Investment Co., Ltd. was registered in Beijing, formally forming the dual-wheel international business development pattern supported by international engineering contracting and overseas investment.

  • 2016

    The company's revenue exceeded and maintained at more than RMB one hundred billion.

  • 2020

    The company's annual market contract amount, annual revenue and the total profits reached RMB 300 billion, RMB 115 billion and RMB 8.6 billion respectively, and its asset-liability ratio dropped to less than 70% for the first time in the 50th anniversary of its establishment.